Our Products

Rear Fender LH/ RH

Fender, or Mud guard, rests over the rear bracket and covers both the wheels. It prevents mud and dirt from flying off the ground upwards. The rear portion of the fender carries the reflector and number plate.Rear Fender LH/RH

The sheet is 1mm thick with embossings in various sections to improve the strength of the component. Furthermore channels of 2.5mm thick are also used for rigidity.

Currently, the off-take volume amounts to 500sets per month, which is expected to double by the year end.

Tractor Tank

Tractor TankThe fuel tank is a critical component in the tractor. It carries the fuel for the vehicle and hence leakages are the most common problem. Since we use a special process called ‘seam welding’, the edges are sealed evenly.

We carry out leak testing after the assembly to ensure leak free components to our clients. The 1mm thick cold rolled sheets are deep drawn carefully to ensure crack-less draws.

The current consumption is 500 tanks per month, which is expected to increase two fold by the end of the year.

Clutch Housing

Clutch HousingThis is a ‘CLASS 1’ component and extra care is taken to ensure that each and every component is as per client standards. Clutch Housing is a component that houses the clutch shafts and gears and hence is the heart of the tractor. All the other parts of the tractor are assembled on this unit.

It is an assembly of 10mm, 3.2mm hot rolled sheets and 3.2mm cold rolled sheets for the bell housing. Welding is a major factor in the assembly and trained welders make sure that welding is smooth and even. The assembly consists of 20 sub components and hence all the parts have to be welded carefully.

Current production volume amounts to 600 per month and is expected to double by the year end.

Wheel Rims

Wheel RimsThe wheels for the tillers are assembled over the 2 piece wheel rims of top quality. No welding is made between the 2 pieces. Both the rims are aligned perfectly and 4 bolts secure them together. The centre hole and 4 other holes mount the wheel to the axle. Each and every draw stage is carried out carefully to make sure no cracks have developed in the component.

2 sets are required to assemble 1 tiller and hence 1600 sets are produced monthly with volumes expected to rise to 3000 sets per month.

Frame LH/RH

Frame LH/RHThis is an extra attachment for tractors to help till the farmland. It is a set of left and right piece. It contains a shaft which is ‘induction hardened’ for durability in the rough conditions of rotary use in the fields.

It consists of 4mm and 3.2mm hot rolled sheets, which are ‘spot welded’ together to ensure perfect mating of the same. Care is taken to ensure that no bend is formed in the component.

Productions are in the order of 400 sets per month and is expected to rise to 800.

Oil Pans

Oil PansThis is a critical component as it houses the engine oil for the tractor. Flatness of the mating surface has to be perfect to ensure leak free usage. The complex profile of the 2.5mm thick component was designed by highly skilled designers and CNC operators.

Monthly volume is expected to raise from 500 to 800 per month by the year end.

V Belt Cover

V Belt CoverThis component acts as a cover for the belt assembly of a tiller. The belt assembly transfers power from the engine to the transmission. The belt cover protects the user from any accidents that might occur in the belts.

The 1mm component was initially a 3 piece component, which was later designed have only 2 pieces. The 1mm cold rolled sheet, which is of extra draw quality, is carefully deep drawn in hydraulic presses and later sheared and embossed for rigidity. There are slots in the component to check the belt tensions.

Productions are in the range of 500-600 per month and are expected to rise to 1500 by the year end.


FootstepsFootstep is an assembly of left and right. It is the support for user’s feet when they sit on the tractor. It is attached to the clutch housing, transmission case and rear fender. The clutch and brakes pedals rest on the footstep to enable the user to control the tractors movements.

The 2.3 thick footstep is embossed circularly in 10 areas to help give better grip to the users feet. It is reinforced with 4.5 mm plates to support even the heaviest of weights.

Monthly production is 500 sets and is expected to double by the year end.